The Creepiest / Spookiest Train Horn Ever!! Pan Am Railways SEPO With Ex-BN HLCX SD40-2 Leading!!

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UPDATE: 12/4/2016. I am WELL aware the video is shaky. It was cold as fuck outside, snowing steadily, and I didn't have enough time to set up my tripod and camera in this weather. The Michael J Fox comment was very amusing, except for those who actually have Parkinson's. I'm sure they aren't laughing. Enjoy this train horn, for all it's snow-clogged worth!!! Want to see more awful sounding horns? I got em!!! Check out the most FOULED train horn EVER!!! (Pan Am #610) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n6JyJt4kJ4 Video Description For Creepy/Spooky Horn: This horn is NO doubt clogged with TONS of snow from the blizzard (video taken on 12/26/13) but it makes this horn sound so creepy that I actually could feel my neck tingling from the sound. Enjoy this weird horn on PAR's SEPO freight!.

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2014 May 03, 10:25:26



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