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Some people are extremely OCD, and they probably wouldn’t make it through these photos. For others, like us, these are just 35 Images That Will Drive You Insane. #15 - A Tile Mishap Who knows what kind of worker put these tiles down, but we are sure that whoever was too lazy to change out the color of tile so that the floor matches and looks aesthetically pleasing, doesn’t have a job anymore. The OCD employees that work here probably hate life. #14 - This Is Not OK For those of us looking at this picture and shaking our heads, rejoice, everyone that ate the Hubba Bubba 6ft of fun gum as a child (or as an adult, we don’t judge), knows the proper way to eat this gum. Taking a huge freaking bite out of the side of it is definitely not it. #13 - The Lonely One Ok, this image isn’t too bad. The lone blue sprinkle is on the wrong side of the tracks, that fact is very apparent, but if you used all the sprinkles on say, cupcakes, you wouldn’t have to endure the torture of seeing this OCD trigger. Also, you’d have cupcakes. #12 - Off Centered We honestly don’t understand what the deal with all these tile mishaps. Is it really THAT hard to get the correct colored tile in the correct location? The tiled bathroom pictured here is one of the more complicated patterns seen in this video, but it’s not even all that hard. Yes, you might have to take your time and pay attention, but it’s about as basic as a color by number. #11 - A Special Place There is a special place where all the evil of the world goes. The person who ate the inside of the KitKat pictured is the mayor of this awful place. #10 - A Single Red Tile Never would we have imagined that we could get so angry from seeing a square inch red tile. As you can see from this image, this is one piece of the puzzle that doesn’t belong. It appears the tile from #22 went on vacation to this bathroom. #9 - A Foreign Traveler For foreigners, learning the English language is a difficult feat. It’s because it doesn’t make much sense. You just need to remember a ton of really random rules that pertain to certain words sometimes and other times they don’t. We don’t know how to explain it, just try to learn it and find out for yourself. If a foreign traveler went down the street in this picture, they would undoubtedly be even more confused with the English language. Who could blame them with mistakes like these? #8 - That Stupid Dress Does everyone remember that stupid colored dress debate that took over the internet a few years back? It was a picture of a dress that looked either blue and black or white and gold. The cookies in this picture are bringing back the same concept and is once again making us question everything we know about color. #7 - Can’t Win For Losing This is an OCD person’s worst nightmare. The gallons is at a perfect ten, but that leaves the 99 cents falling a penny short of a clean $35. We’re going to have nightmares of this horrific picture in particular. The cruelty. c #6 - That OCD Trigger If the person who made these tallies really had OCD, wouldn’t they have had to start over after the fourth side, seventh tally? We would; this just looks so wrong. #5 - It’s Like We’re No Longer Human What would possess someone to open a bag from the bottom? In this specific case, you could simply turn the bag upside down and still enjoy your snack. But this is not the way things are done. Seeing pictures like this one makes us think that some of us aren’t even human anymore, they’re just too barbaric. #4 - Wrong Label Those Cokes are totally in the wrong packaging. But since a case of Coke is more expensive that a case of Fanta, can we have it at the lower price point? It’s not like we put the label on it like this. #3 - Wrong Entrance Ya, we know what you were thinking, but no, we’re talking about this carton. What we what to know is why even bother. We saw this image of the lemonade opened completely the wrong way and we just want to know what the point of life? It’s when we start ripping open containers with clear screw caps that we truly are in trouble. #2 - The Answer Is Easy This picture infuriates us because there is such a simple solution to fix this. Go underneath, unscrew the mailboxes and renumber them in the correct order. This is just pure laziness at its finest, and that makes us mad. #1 - We’re Done Do you see the huge problem with the rectangles in this picture? If so, you might just have OCD..

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