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Inventions are one of the main factors that set humans apart from most other animals, and the continuing evolution of those inventions are what propel humanity into the future. But today, we’re not talking about rocket science and time machines. We’re going to talk about some of the weirdest things man has made the past couple decades. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 7. Licki Brush This is for any cat lovers out there who want to take their love to the next level. Actually, this is probably the least creepy way to do that. The Licki Brush was designed to mimic the way animals like cats interact with each other for a more intimate experience. As demonstrated by this cat and the cat’s owner, the silicone brush goes in your mouth and you use it to, well, lick seems like the wrong word even though that’s pretty much what you’re doing. Reviews aren’t in such high favor of the brush, saying it’s more difficult to use than it looks. Though if you watch videos of people trying out the product, lots of the cats don’t seem to mind. 6. Rolling Bench Lots of people like to step outdoors right after a rainfall when the air is fresh. The problem with taking a stroll in the street or park after rain is that there’s nowhere for you to sit. Seems like someone already thought of a solution to this with their rolling benches. Designed by Sungwoo Park, The slats on the bench all rotate, which means the dry part of the bench is accessible for you to sit on once you turn the handle. 5. Metal Detecting Sandals No need to look super conspicuous when you’re out metal detecting on the beach. Be discrete as you look for valuables that have been submerged into the dirt, though sorry to say you can’t be stylish, too. There’s a copper coil that’s incorporated into the right sandal. Comfort is a big factor in the design of these sandals, too, as the footbeds are made of polyurethane foam and soles are non skid. The metal detector is battery packed, which is what you see strapped around the leg. The battery lasts for about six hours, which is enough time if you’re out in the sun. The magnetic field is able to detect metal as deep as 2 ft and will let you know if you found something with either a buzz or with a small flashing red light. See? Discrete. 4. Hamster Powered Paper Shredder It seems a bit cute and a bit ridiculous, but can we all agree that this just might be where the future is headed? Hamsters love to run on their wheels, and while you don’t necessarily love shredding paper, it’s a necessity all the same. Keep your hamster fit and all your personal documents shredded with this concept design by Tom Ballhatchet. 3. Synthetic Human Mouth That looks disturbing, but honestly, it’s weird but not that weird. This is a synthetic human mouth, created by scientists and engineers cased at Kagawa University in Japan. They designed it to be able to produce sounds that sound eerily just like a human. All the noises are made through its fleshy windpipe and mechanic vocal chords. To make it even more complete, a nasal cavity was built into the design to make it even closer to the way our sound is affected by it. Unlike other devices that try to mimic human sound, this one is not at all digital and has no program built into it to do so. There’s even lips on it that move like ours, since it’s a significant feature that helps us pronounce. 2. Toilet Seat Scale Admit it, you’ve wanted to know how much you weigh after going number 2 in the bathroom. No shame, it’s something enough people wonder about since that curious idea was the reason for the invention of the toilet seat scale. The built in scale weighs you as you sit on it--pretty straightforward enough. And when you’ve taken a dump, well, that little digital counter on the side lets you know just how much weight you lost after the fact. While this is still a concept design, it’s something that’s made enough splash. No pun intended. Hushme It’s like Cyclops and Bane (Tom Hardy Edition) had a baby with a pretty lame superhero, villain name. Though it doesn’t look comfortable per se, it was designed to make the environment around you, mainly busy office, much quieter. With the Hushme, you would be able to take your phonecalls quietly and in much more privacy without leaving your desk. The cushioned pads muffle your voice, and they kind of look like headsets over your mouth. There’s even an earphone featured so that you can listen to your calls. And though it might look terrifying walking into an office full of people wearing these things, at least it’s silent for the most part. Wait...that sounds creepy, too..

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